Smart on the outside, a fan on the inside -
a sports jacket with the shirt of your favourite club

SHIRT-Jacket – for an appearance in the stadium or at events in an assured style

We are turning your precious sports jacket into a unique fan object! Send us your most valued shirt from your favourite club or the national shirt of your home country. On your behalf, we will arrange that it is sewn in with the name and the number as the inner lining into the individually tailored suit jacket of your choice. And straight away you can commit yourself to your favourite club or even to your own team from past times in the amateur league and at the same time cut a good figure in the office, at top events or in the stadium.

Our shirt jackets are made in a sustainable manner from the finest materials and with their superior details such as stitched lapels and buttons made of real horn they meet the highest quality standards. Of course, monograms or names may be embroidered for an additional charge. The delivery time for the shirt jackets is 4 to 6 weeks.

Decide here, which jacket model meets your aspirations and needs the most!